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Saturday, September 25, 2021

#7382 Thank You Scott Fisher, The Dug Well is Now Filled In!

The morning started out with a bang.

When I got out to the barn, Karen had fed the horses, I cleaned my two stalls and then checked out the hay Karen got yesterday.  It looked great.  I still need to get 150 more bales.

It was pretty cool, but not as cold as yesterday.

While I was finishing up, Jenny and Scott arrived with his tractor to fill in the dug well, which is under the windmill.  Gary had worked on that area for many hours as the vines and brush had filled in the perimeter and needed to be removed so the bucket could push the dirt in.  Scott had delivered two dump trucks a couple months ago.

We will be getting public water in the next few weeks and our dug well had to be filled in.  The drilled well will also be dismantled when they come to actually connect the waterline to our house.

Jenny brought Buster with them.  He and Little Wonder are good together.

There were a whole bunch of 4x4s over the well that needed to be moved and instead of making two trips, Jenny moved them all at once.  They weighed a ton....good thing she is a very strong farm girl.

There was some dirt left over, so Scott pulled out some volunteer trees and leveled off the area.
What an improvement!   Doesn't the windmill look like a Christmas tree?
This is how it looked before...while Gary was still clearing out the can see the big piles of dirt and the scrub trees to the right.
I had plenty of leftovers from last night and made lunch for the four of us.  
Jenny, Scott and Buster left a little before 1.
Then, we drove out to Hamlin to check out Roz and Randy's garage sale.
By the time we got back to the farm it was nap time.

Our friend, Mary Jo stopped up for some garlic and we sent her home with a bag of beets.
The sky was getting pretty dark so I did evening chores a little early.

It's a good thing, as it started to pour.  Of course Berlin is the only horse that got wet.
Little Wonder did too.
Fortunately I had an umbrella in the barn.
When I checked out my computer earlier, I had a message waiting from Susan Duby, who is part of the Equine Artist's group.  She had done an oil painting of Wallace and Fiddler from one of my photographs!  So beautiful!!!
This is her painting.....
and this is my photograph.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Susan Duby, what a talented artist!!! The new filled in area will be so much better, and town water, a bonus any day.

Val Ewing said...

Beautiful painting and beautiful photo too! Things are looking great. I think it will be 'never' for us to get public water here.
I am on a shared well with our neighbors up top. That is nice as they are good people and we have shared all expenses without bickering.

Helen said...

Filling in the well, at least there will not be a "What's that Lassie, Timmy fell down the well?" I always enjoy your pictures. :)