Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Thursday, September 23, 2021

#7380 Duplicate Bridge

We had some serious rain last night (over 2 inches) and a lot more today.  By this afternoon in pooped out and tried to clear up around supper time.

Once again....our shed roof to the rescue.  The horses could get out of the rain....if they wanted to.
But no....they preferred to get soaked and it was only around 60 degrees.  No masks needed.

Little Wonder got pretty wet.

This afternoon I went down to the Library to play Duplicate Bridge.  There were three tables and I played with a person that I had just met.  He studies the game and I don't know all the conventions he was talking about....but in the end, we came in first!
Signed out a new Grisham book on the way out.  "Torts."

Do you remember Carina?  She is the best bread maker, who works out of her Farm (Heritage Bell) and used to make huge deliveries to my art students when we had class.  Anyway, today it was Levi's birthday and he wondered if they could come over to see the horses.  Of course!

Could he be any cuter????

What a sweet family!  And they brought me two mini loaves of multi grain bread!  Once we figure out a time, I'm going have them come back to ride Rebel.
Gary made breakfast for dinner.  Leftover home fries, eggs and toast.
Just right.

A very nice day.
Night all.

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