Sunday, September 26, 2021

#7383 More Progress

I'm loving these crispy mornings and cooler days.

After cleaning my stalls I went up to the loft and started stacking Berlin's hay.  We like to make sure it is good and dry first and I'm still stacking it 3 inches apart.

Before going in the house I decided to attack this area by the porch near the kitchen.
I thought the big mums Gary brought home yesterday would look good there.

While he finished up the project I make a rustic tart out of our own apples. recipe....
Apples/squeezed on some fresh lemon juice/sugar/flour/walnuts.
By the time it was done, Gary finished up the mum project.  We are leaving them in the pots, sitting on boards, as the space was not big enough to dig up the dirt.  Much nicer than the photo above.

Slim pickins in the garden.  Just a few tomatoes and raspberries

We ordered a pizza for dinner and planned on using the mushrooms and onions as an additional topping.
While I was shopping.....voila!  There was the same apple dessert I made at home for $14.00!  Mine cost me about $1.25.

Tried the mushrooms and did not like them.  Will not do that again.

The sky was gorgeous when Little Wonder and I went out to do evening chores.

Night all.

I was talking to my friend Brenda C. this afternoon (she is a watercolorist) and was told that she entered two paintings in an art show.  One of them had Gary in it!

Jen R. boards her horse (Merlin) around the corner and she rode over while Brenda and Al were at our house.  A few photos were taken, and this is the end result.  



Nancy J said...

Brenda, artist extraordinaire!!! Might well be slim pickings but from your own garden is always the very best.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, I just delight in visiting your blog--and I apologize for visiting so seldom--with its photographs of the horse and dogs and, sometimes, the cat! As well as your cooking and sometimes your band and also your garden. The apple tart must have been delicious; doubly so when you saw the price at the grocery store.

Lori, on a more personal note, thanks so much for following the Elisa postings I share on Facebook. Your comments are always ones that raise her spirits. Peace to and on you.