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Friday, September 10, 2021

#7367 Mr. Mustard

This morning Gary went down to the village to meet with his coffee group

and then headed over to the Welcome Center to take some photos of Kismit (Jana and Mike) as they left for their next destination....Holley.

In the meantime, I did morning chores.

I made a quick trip to get some saddle cleaning supplies and then went out to the grooming room....
to clean my old Stubben Tristan dressage saddle that I am sending to a friend in Florida tomorrow.
Bill used to be in Pony Club with Jenny over 30 years ago and gave up riding when he went to college.  Now!  He has found himself a beautiful Hanovarian filly and has resumed his passion.  I don't use this one, so he can see if it will fit the horse he will be riding until he gets his own saddle.

It's ready to be shipped out.
I made power bowls for dinner and they were delicious.
Greens, brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, guacamole, cheddar cheese and salsa.
I had some chicken ready and forgot to add it.  Have you ever tried this?

Tonight we met our friends Carol and Topper at the Tower Fine Arts Building
to see Mr. Mustard...a Beatles Band.
This was the first live performance at the college in over 538 days.  We all had to wear masks, but that was ok.  Just not as easy to sing with them.
Great musicians and so tight.

I'm glad we went.
Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

Sounds wonderful. We aren't going anywhere again.
Our local hospital has been diverting patients and some have been sent out of state.