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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

#7379 Pumkin Pie From Scratch....

We had some rain last night and a couple of times during the day it came down in buckets.  In fact, right now (7:54pm) it's raining again.

I woke up a little before midnight last night and realized that I had not put the green tomato relish in the jars after it cooled.  Took care of that and went back to bed.

The horses got pretty wet today, but it was still warm out and they survived.

I took a shower and vacuumed before our rehearsal started.
Little Wonder did not get off his bed for 3 hours!

We began with one of our old songs to warm up, 
then started learning a couple of new ones that might work for a the 50s gig we will be doing in the spring.  Like this one....
As soon as we finished, Little Wonder knew it, and joined us.

Yesterday my friend Lori Staubitz (in our band) gave me two pumpkins for pie baking.
I had never made one from scratch, so I tried it today.

We will have a piece after I finish this post.
Dinner was simple.  Open faced burgers on toast, home fries and an apple/carrot/craisin/walnut salad.  Can you see the homemade relish?  Boy is it good!!!!
Dessert time.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

By the way, what are those little pink flowers? They are adorable!

Lori Skoog said...

Hey Val! The big pink flower is a hydrangea and the little pink flowers at the bottom are called "Turtle Heads."