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Thursday, September 9, 2021

#7366 Kismit

Some rain and a lot of sunshine.

I had an 11:15 appointment with my Dentist in Batavia, to have my teeth cleaned.  Got back to the farm around 12:30...
Gary had vacuumed the entire downstairs and washed the kitchen floor.
Company coming tonight for dinner.
Our friends, Jana and Mike (from Ohio) finally were able to get their boat ready for some cruising on the Erie Canal and Brockport was their destination for today,
We went down to the Welcome Center to pick them up around 3 and there was a fair amount of activity.
We had a tour of their boat....
whose name is Kismit....

then headed back to the farm. 
Plenty of time to catch up and enjoyed a picnic supper.

This is their dog Millie... she and Little Wonder got along great.  They had spent the night here many weeks ago while they were still working on the boat, so they knew each other.
Dessert!  vanilla ice cream topped with our homemade raspberry sauce....
Always enjoy spending time with these two.  Our last meeting was at PF Chang's when we met for lunch.  So glad they were able to get the boat going after postponing their 10 week tour on the canal.

So long 'til next time.....
Time for a nap.
Night all.


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JanaLeigh said...

Thank you two for a lovely visit and all the wonderful goodies you sent back with us. I will be sure they are put to good use. Love you both and look forward to having you aboard Kismet next year when we cruise through.