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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

/#7386 Big Boulders! Yay!

Another beauty.  Sweatshirt weather with sunshine.

Look at what's growing under the back shed roof!

Little Wonder and I finished chores around 9 and we were not busy most of the day.
This is really the end of our tomatoes and as far as I'm concerned, the plants can be ripped out.
Laundry day.  Changed the bedding and he was on it!
Good light.
We have been waiting to get some of the boulders dug up by the waterline crew and thought they may have forgotten us.  This afternoon we heard the beep beep beep and two were already dropped off in the area where I cleared out the bamboo.
We watched out the window for the next batch to arrive.

Bob, who is in charge of the water project, made three trips from where they had the boulders piled up (across from Swamp Road).

Once they were all here, he switched from the loader to the bucket and put them in place.
I totally trusted his judgment and he did a great job.
We will be taking down more bamboo and eventually I imagine Gary will figure out how to add some flowers.  This "sculpture" means a lot to us after all the years we have been waiting to get water.
Karen rode Angel before doing evening chores.
Once again I needed fresh flowers for my kitchen table.

Lucien B. stopped up around 6 to give us an estimate on the back shed roof off the horse barn, as it is over 30 years old and leaking when it rains real hard.  He has done a lot of work on our buildings and will take care of this too.  Nice to hire someone local who does not want to rip us off.
Of course all the horses were in and out of the barn while he was standing there.  He thought they were "pretty big!"
Breakfast for dinner.
The sunset does not look that different from sunrise.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Down here huge rocks or boulders cost so much from the landscape people, those will not move. So good to have local goodies and helpers right on hand.

Val Ewing said...

Those boulders are huge! I have to great big ones behind the wrecked garage and that was as far as a guy could move it years ago. They came from where our big shed is today.
If I ever get my way again, I'm going to put a rock garden back right smack in the middle of the yard!

Those look great!

SmartAlex said...

Nice boulders! One can never have too many boulders in their landscape