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Sunday, September 12, 2021

#7369 More Tomatoes

Much of the day was dreary....grey and light rain.

After chores I did three loads of laundry and changed bedding, then I went out and picked more tomatoes....
Gary picked the small orange ones and a container of raspberries.

The apples are falling off the tree behind the Studio and I am starting to pick them up for the horses.  Pretty soon they will be yellow.....although they taste great right now.
I don't think we have ever had as many flowers....

This afternoon I made another jar of raspberry jam that goes right in the frig.  It has been so good on toast, yogurt and ice cream.  We will just keep doing this until they quit showing up.
I love the view out of our kitchen door.
Chore duty tonight.

It's getting dark earlier and earlier.

I put Sid's crate out on the barn porch and washed everything.  It's his studio apartment.
When it snows, I will put it in the barn.  Let's see if he uses it out here.  

Defrosted some eggplant parm that I had put in the freezer.  Dinner was easy.
Night all.

Congratulations Daniela!
Yay! 4-2!


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Val Ewing said...

All but my few zinnias are fading away so it is nearly time to put my gardens to bed.
Looks like you are staying quite busy!