Tuesday, April 2, 2019


I had to be down at the College at 7:30 for a Community Breakfast
and wanted to make sure I got up early enough to be in the barn by 6:30.
So when did I get up?  5:45.
Is was barely light when the dogs and I got out there.

 I grained the horses and set up their hay in the paddock....
figured I would clean the stalls when I got home.

 It sure looked different from yesterday morning.
 I took a quick shower and made it down to the New York Room right on time.
It is the third year for this Community breakfast and it was sponsored by the 
Town-Gown Committee (which I am part of).
 There must have been at least 100 people there.
The College President, Heidi Macpherson, filled us in on what has been happening over the past year and it was quite amazing.

 My partner in crime, Mary, was there along with JW Cook, who is running
for a seat in the County Legislature.
 It was his debut and I introduced him to many people.

 Below is our College President.
She sure has made a difference!
 I am truly honored to be part of this dynamic, community minded group.

Got back to the farm with an hour to spare before my class arrived.
(The flowers on my kitchen table are still going strong.)
I had 5 students this morning and we talked non stop while they were working.

About Rebel!  Before going to the Town Board meeting I checked on his wrap.
Took him into the grooming room, removed it and sent him back out in the mud!
I have so had it!  The Vet said I could quit bandaging him several days ago but I did not feel good about it.  This wound is never going to dry out until it gets more air!
Before he went in his stall for the night, I washed him off three times and dried it.
Then, it was sprayed with betadine, and that was that.  NO WRAP.
I will see how he looks in the morning and then will have to clean and cover it before he goes out in the mud.... again.  Hopefully he is enjoying the break.
This has been a major challenge.

Gary had a meeting this morning and went to Buffalo for another one
this afternoon.  I went to a Board meeting.

So good to be home.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

A chore to look after Rebel's injury every day. Years ago one of our cats de-gloved a leg, surgery on a Sunday night, full anaesthetic and a weekend callout and that was just the start. ongoing dressing changes, then the sewn back flap started to slough off, so another anaesthetic to remove it all. So I so understand what you are doing every day. Keep smiling, your warmer days are on the way. BTW, I phoned your friend Melanie and we had a lovely chat.