Monday, April 15, 2019

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down....

I was not thrilled that the temperature was in the 30s most of the day.

 It even rained when I drove down to Country Max for some shavings.
I set out hay under the shed roof and in the indoor, hoping Rebel
and the girls would be smart and stay where it was dry.
Last night I bought a roasted chicken at Wegmans.
That was meal number one.
Today I made chicken salad.  Meal number two.
 I also put together some chicken soup with the broth I created.
That will be meal number three for tomorrow.
All from a $4.99 roasted chicken.
 (PS -We also have enough chicken salad for several sandwiches.  Such a deal!)
I did some laundry and took it easy this afternoon.
After Karen put the horses in I went out and washed off Rebel's foot, 
which was covered with mud.

 Naturally, by then the sun appeared and it was gorgeous.
Hopefully it will be that way tomorrow and at least 20 degrees warmer.

 Yep.  Still windy.
We had some pretty wild weather last night.

The rhubarb is growing like crazy
 and before dinner Gary started preparing the soil so he can
put in 50 strawberry plants.  He is on a real roll.
 Naturally, Phoebe wanted to be in the house and only Little Wonder
kept us company.

 Dinner was delicious.

 Off duty.
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

Wow, your plants are ahead of us, though I think our recent warm rain and temperate days will help us catch up. I got to see marsh marigolds and plenty of skunk cabbage the other day but not many other wild flowers are even daring to poke up their heads yet.