Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cream Pie On the Floor....

Most of this day was mighty ugly....starting with snow.

 After chores I put the dogs back in the house and went out to watch Karen ride Maggie.
 The rest of the gang was very interested.

None of them seemed to mind the snow, which turned to rain, which turned into more mud.

 This afternoon I decided to make a banana cream pie.

 It was a beauty!!!!
 Until I moved something on the counter and it slid onto the floor making an enormous mess!
I cleaned it up with a spatula, half a roll of paper towels and was in tears.
 I was so mad I got in the car, drove down to Wegmans and bought more ingredients,
determined to make another one before going out for evening chores.
It is now cooling in the fridge. 
Incidentally, the reason I made this is because I made one last year on the same day
and it made me hungry when I saw the photo on FB. 
Naturally, the weather improved when it was time to tuck in the ponies.

 As you can see, the mud encouraged usual.

 I got back in the house a little before 7 and the sun was out in full force.
 Why does this frequently happen an hour before sunset?
 Dinner was an instant replay and still delicious.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh no, not the pie! I'd have cried too. Glad you made another to replace it, I'm sure it was even more delicious than the first one.

Mike said...

This last winter has been an incredibly mild one here. One morning in January we woke up to a light fall of snow - less than half an inch and gone by midday. The only snow we had here. Been lovely, mild weather since then. Hope you're both well.

Warm regards, Mike and Ann.