Sunday, April 28, 2019


 After feeding and cleaning the stalls, I loaded Berlin's with lots of shavings so she
will wake up on  her birthday tomorrow morning in a feather bed.
 It was still cold and very muddy.

 I went to our Sunday Jam at 1 and was very happy to see Ian and Roseanne present.
They were snowbirds and returned just in time for some very cold weather.

Back to the farm around 3:30 and the sun was brilliant.
 Gary was planting more strawberries near the Studio.

 I had evening chore duty and knew it was time when the rays were beaming into the living room.
 The recent snow did not seem to keep the flowers from blooming.

 Tucked Rebel and the girls in for the night.
Berlin is going to love her special bed.

 We took a ride over to Mangia Mangia for dinner.
No cooking tonight.

 A spectacular sunset on the way home.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Berlin! Such a sweetheart.