Monday, April 8, 2019


 Our power went off for two hours this morning so I had no water and it was
very dark in the barn.  Cleaning stalls was very interesting.

Fortunately it came back on and I was able to grab a shower before heading out.
 At 11:30 I arrived at the Community Center for our 3rd Pot Luck lunch.
Today we honored
 Elsie Farmer (97 years old) and Jean Brooks (92 years old - you have met her several times as she participates in our panel discussions at the college).
No grass grows under their feet, as they are very active
(line dancing, book club, baked food sales, chorus and more).

 This was our biggest turnout yet.

A real feast.   And this not all of it!

I spent a few minutes at the Senior Association meeting and then was off to Batavia
for a Dental appointment.
 We had a lot of rain last night and were supposed to have more today....
but we got sunshine instead.  And it was in the 60s!
When I got home I opened up the back pasture 

 and called the horses so they would be able to go out there.


 Gary had a busy day.  Coffee, a meeting, first day of work at Sara's and taxi service for Cooper.

Before the horses went in, I checked Rebel's foot
 and decided to do absolutely nothing.
So he and the girls got tucked in for the night by Karen

 and I went back to the house for leftover cabbage soup.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Pot Luck, it looks very fine to me and what beautiful decorating for them both.