Friday, April 19, 2019


Not the greatest.
Started off grey and ended with lots of rain.
Who is driving home from Myrtle Beach in the middle of all theses tornado warnings?
Jenny and the boys!
Guess the red sky this morning was giving us a warning.

 After chores I hung this painting on the wall of the Studio.
I was given a lot of canvases that were going to be dumped (several years ago)
and this is one of them.  The colors are perfect.


 Everything started to pop in the gardens.
Yesterday it was in the mid 70s.
Right now it's 41.  Yuck.
 The rhubarb doubled.

 Gary worked at Sara's today and I cleaned out and reorganized the shed where we
keep bikes, mowers, wood and other stuff.  Other than that, just watched the weather
channel to make sure Jenny was ahead of the tornadoes.
Traveling on 95 was a pain as it has been bumper to bumper with speeds slowing
down to 25MPH off and on.
Tonight Gary was hungry for a fish fry, so we drove out to the Farmer's Table
in Hamlin.

 Home by 7 and ready for a nap.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

The art on the outside of the studio is perfect with the colors complimenting the green of the studio. It looks great! Hope Jenny and the boys are home or almost home. This weather is not fun to drive in.