Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Another Change is on the Way

 Out with the dogs at 6:45.
 The sun has moved to the North so I have to go out in the driveway to catch it.

 Fortunately it warmed up mid morning and we may have ended up close to 60
before it started dropping.  Tonight it will go down to freezing.

 The garlic is up about 6 inches
 and the rhubarb is starting to take off.
 Gary trimmed back the raspberries and to the left he put in some
spinach, onions and 50 cloves of garlic that he found in the barn.

 Seeing that the weather is improving, I went out to the Studio to see how much
stuff I have to move before I can start having classes there.  It holds all kinds
of things during the winter.

 Little Wonder thought we were going to have class there today.

 This afternoon I went to Tractor Supply for some grain and drove
by a new development in our Town.  It seems that people are into 
renting instead of buying these days.

 Of course all the horses rolled as much as possible today.

 I do believe that we might get some snow tonight.
 Look who was giving me the eye.....

 Check out this picture through the library window looking to the West.
The antique glass (our house was built in 1823) made it look like water instead of the sky.
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

No garlic plants up here...nor much, but the grass was turning green and some of the spring flowers were poking their heads up out of the leaves. Now they are under inches of snow and ice.
Hopefully this storm doesn't seek you guys out!