Friday, April 12, 2019

72 Degrees...

It's different you feel when it's warm outside.
Not too warm.  Just right.

 The pups and I went for a short jaunt and I checked out a couple of Town projects.

 Spent the rest of the afternoon around the house.
Jen, Coop and one of his friend's stopped by before heading out to Lara's.
Hopefully they are headed toward some sunshine.
 The higher temp today allowed the daffodils to appear.

 I know one thing for sure....Rebel and the girls were enjoying the weather as much as we were.

 The rain held off until late afternoon and then it only was spritzing.

 At chore time I cleaned up Rebel's foot so I could take a photo for the Vet.
It's been such a process and we have more to go.
 Tonight we went to the Baptist Church as there was a fundraiser 
to benefit the Sweden Senior Singers.
Chris Wilson (who you saw a couple of weeks ago) donated his time
and he was introduced by Maryellen Giese, the chorus Director
(who was his music teacher at Brockport High School).

The house was packed.
You can never get enough of this man's beautiful voice and guitar playing.
 Home by 9:30 and ready to do nothing.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

I could listen all night. Beautiful sunshine, down here a very cold night ahead.