Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mary at the Library

There was no color in the sky after I took this photo.
In fact it was FREEZING when the pups and I went out to the barn.

After chores I was checking my email and found a message from my partner in crime (Mary)
who was going to be a guest reader at the Seymour Library this morning.
She is the liaison to the library from our Town Board.
I took a quick shower and got down there in time to take some photos.

We happen to have a spectacular library that is supported by the Village of Brockport,
the Town of Clarkson and the Town of Sweden.
The children's section is very inviting and provides more books and activities
than you could imagine.

 There is a special room called the Story Tower and frequently community members
can be found there reading to the children.

Mary's children are in High School, so she has not been reading a lot of stories lately.
But this was special, and she was full of expression.
We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful facility that is so welcoming to all.

I did not do anything exciting this afternoon, but I did make a delicious dinner.
Chicken Helen...

a salad
 and sweet potatoes.
Night all.


It's almost time to open up the Studio.


Nancy J said...

The Studio,so inviting, and all ready for spring visitors. And the library, there is something wonderful when a person reads aloud, with a voice that really tells a story.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The library looks like a wonderful place for children and adults. I love books and used to enjoy reading to my children and grandchildren. They're getting a little too old now (the grandkids) but we used to go to the programs at the library. The studio looks like it's more than ready for spring time students.