Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Real Deal!

 A cool start to the day.

 It was dry enough for Rebel to be out without having his wound covered.

Off with the blankets!!!!

 The weather just got better and better.
I even sat out in the sun for awhile.

 Jenny, Scott and the boys were coming to dinner and we had a request for shish ki bobs
so I got things going early so everything could marinate.

Look what appeared!  First color in the gardens.

 We were having an early dinner.
Gary was on grill duty.

 My turn for chores tonight, so the pups and I excused ourselves and went out to the barn.

 The light was spectacular and it was almost 60 degrees.

 Coop had a date to play some basketball when he got home, so they were off before 7.
What a great meal.  Felt like summer.
 It's 7:17 and the sun is still bright.  Yes.
Night all.

1 comment:

Nancy J said...

My Gosh, that sunshine and so late. Down here winter is nigh, merino is the name of the game from now on .