Monday, April 1, 2019

More Snow This Morning

It's a darn good thing solar power removed it by this afternoon.

 Sidney was loving the sunshine inside.

 This morning my friend Judy called and invited me out to lunch.
We went to Java Junction. 
I had my usual.... Greek Pannini
and Judy had the Reuben Special.

 I did not do much this afternoon and went out to change Rebel's Wrap around 5.
Once again, he and the girls were hanging out in the indoor.

 I put him in the grooming room and took off the mudding mess,
cleaned it off and put him in the stall with no bedding and some hay.

 I left him there so the air could get at his wound and took the pups
back to the house.
 This time, I put a tube sock (cut off the foot part) over the wrap to keep
it in place.  Then the trailering wrap.  I washed 5 of them today.  If
it would just dry out, he could have some time with nothing on.
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

I hope it gets drier for you! I had a mule with an injury like that once. She also did not want anyone to touch her injury. I left fenced her in the yard ... it was dry and hosed her off once a day. She had a scar but no permanent damage. Of course it was in a dry period of time and I was lucky I didn't have to try and bandage her!