Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ruby Shooz

I woke up early....just when the sun was rising.

 In the barn at 7:30.

 Another gorgeous day but not as warm as yesterday.
 I had a two hour meeting from 10-noon,
 then we had lunch.  A nice salad with leftover chicken Helen.
 It was so nice I decided to get some vines off the stone wall in the outdoor arena.
They were also strangling this poor little tree.
Much better now.

While we were out there, the wind was very strong.

 I sat down for about an hour before chores.
 Got them all tucked in....
 and it was still windy.
 The warmer temperatures made a big difference in the daffodil department.

 Tonight we went to a Kiwanis fundraiser and on the way
 the sun was setting.
 Fabulous colors.

It was held at Deerfield

 and the food was outstanding.

 This band is always a lot of fun and they have quite a following.
The lead singer always goes out into the audience while he is performing and they love it.
Of course we all knew the words to every song.

 A good time for a good cause.
But I am so tired....
Night all.

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