Thursday, April 4, 2019

20 for 20

Talk about cold and windy!

Every single day I wonder what I can do to speed up the healing process for the Rebel.
I think my choice for today was a bomb.
He needs air, but he also needs protection.
By evening chore time the Desitin was an absolute mess...and cleaning it up was not fun.

I was a bridge sub today and that was a good time....
actually saw live flowers blooming in Rita's garden.

At 5:30 Wonder and I went out to the barn to see what had to be done with Rebel before putting him in for the night.  As I said above, it was no picnic getting him cleaned up.

Tonight we went to
A Gust of Sun Winery for a fundraiser.

It was for JW Cook, who is running for County Legislature.

Mary and I, along with dozens of others were there to support him in this race
and we are very proud to be on his team.
 There were many elected officials there as well as candidates.

 Three towns on this side of the county have been working together
and it has been very energizing.
We are the Westside Democrats.

 What a great evening!
His Mom, Danielle W.C., was on the Town Board when Mary and I were elected.
She is very proud of her son and so are we.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

A wonderful community and to be a huge part of that is so heartening. Rebel, you must have had enough of it all by now, hope it cleans up all by itself, maybe order " A Miracle".