Friday, January 28, 2022

Freezing in Florida....

Not bad this morning, but it got colder as the day went on.  There will be some crazy weather all over the place.  Fortunately the NorEaster is not supposed to come this far over from the coast.

We probably picked up about three inches of fluff today.

I made a very quick trip to Wegmans and the bank late morning, other than that....vegging.

I had a grilled chicken breast leftover last night and put it on a salad for dinner tonight....
with organic greens, tomatoes, orange pepper, hot and spicy banana peppers, hard boiled egg, cucumbers, crumbly blu and some caramelized onions.  If you have never put these onions on a salad before, give it a try...really adds to the flavor.  Topped it with a good Italian dressing.  So delicious!
Made a quick check of the barn and that's it for today.
Night all.

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