The Rebel


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Apple Betty Pie

Felt much warmer this morning.  23 degrees all afternoon with big snow flakes off and on.

I had some apples in the mudroom that must have frozen, even tho they were in a box with bubble wrap and covered with a rug.  Anyway, I was going to make applesauce and made an "Apple Betty" pie instead.
Instead of making a crumbly top, I mixed the ingredients for one in with the apples and added craisins and walnuts.
Turned out great.  Can't wait until it cools off.
Lomain and 
a veggie stirfry for dinner.

Night all.

Time to start watching Cooper's basketball game.



Nancy J said...

Delicious meals after being outside. LW, you must get a frozen nose sometimes.Frozen apples in the mudroom, shades of Russia where they just have an open air room that acts as a freezer!!!

Val Ewing said...

Your meals always look amazing.
I'd frighten you with any photo of a dish I prepare!