Saturday, January 22, 2022

Cold Temperatures Are Going To Be With Us For The Rest Of The Month

I took a couple of blurry but beautiful photos this morning before going out to the barn.  Maybe my camera was frozen.

Little Wonder always hides under the kitchen table when it is time to put on his red coat....but he always gives in.
So glad the sun was out early and hung around all day.  My face was ready to freeze when I was moving some hay around.

Sidney has been spending more and more time in the house.
Decided to make red lentil soup for dinner....haven't made it in ages.  I looked at a couple of different recipes and picked out what I wanted from each.

I though it tasted a little flat and spiced it up.
Evening chore duty.
Sidney comes out to the barn almost every morning and stays there much of the day when it is warmer.

Got the ponies tucked in...
and went back to the house for dinner.
It was suggested that we put splash of Balsamic vinegar on the soup and it really tasted good.
The apples were a perfect contrast for me.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

The blurry photo, maybe the lens was fogged up with the cold.It is a long time since I took any photos in extreme cold, but remember I did have some problems. Lovely dinner, as always. And I have decided, I DO NOT want to live where there is a lot of snow!!!

Val Ewing said...

We are headed back into the deep freeze too. Hopefully you won't freeze your face off!

Cameras like to fog up when moving from cold to warm or warm to cold.
Looks like a good time to sit next to the fire and read a good book!