Monday, May 16, 2016

Much Improved....

It was very bright this morning and for some reason I did not wake up until 7:15.
The wind was blowing and the girls kept their blankets on for part of the day.
 Berlin got a new batch of pellet bedding.  Can't believe how it explodes when you soak it.

 After chores I went to Agape.
Should have started with the elliptical but I didn't.
20 minutes/treadmill, 20 minutes/bike, 15 minutes elliptical.  Next time.
 On the way home I made a quick stop at Wegmans, and as soon as I got back to the farm I pulled some rhubarb for Nancy A..  She was also at Agape and asked if it was ready. 
 Pies are in her future.
 You can't imagine how much rhubarb we have.
 Meanwhile back in the living of the amaryllis plants now has 4 gigantic blossoms.

 Gary brought home two new apple trees and a hydrangea.  Working at Sara's can be dangerous.
Now he has to plant them.
 Ben arrived late afternoon and reset the shoes on Angel
 and Maggie.
 Obviously Berlin was happy to have her blanket removed, as she had rolled in the mud.

 Gary and I spent some time mowing.
 Phoebe had an appointment for her heartworm test today.  It was our first time with a new vet (now practicing at the Brockport Animal Hospital)...who just happened to me one of my students!  What a great surprise.
 Earlier I had thawed out some meatballs and sauce....
 made a small batch of shells
 and some eggplant (from last year's garden) parm that was hiding in the freezer.
 Of course we had a salad.

 Night all.


Dreaming said...

I love the pellets as bedding, and it is fun to see it poof up. Your rhubarb looks wonderful!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh boy looks like a good day
Lily & Edward

Michelle said...

Sounds like all is well!