Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Does Berlin Have an Abcess?

A little after 6 this morning, the sky was pink and it was very misty in the back 40.

An hour later it was golden.

Then blue.
 Chores were done in no time.

 Lorrie and Moon had a lesson with Elizabeth today.  By the time they got back from the woods it was pretty hot.

 I mowed for two hours, started another batch of sauce, took a shower and was already for a nice nap.
 Phoebe and Gucci were waiting for me.
 But then, we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Chester and Jill.

 Do you remember them?  Jill's horse Belle lived here for awhile, and after she rescued Chester he would come over for chores every morning.  What a sweet boy.
 We sent them home with glads and a few goodies.

 Look at that face.....
 I never did get a nap.
 When I went out to do evening chores,
 poor Berlin came in gimpy on her left front.  Let's see how she is in the morning.  There may be a lot of soaking and wrapping in my future.
 Today our oldest daughter Stephanie, and her husband Joe are celebrating their anniversary.
They had some wedding in New York 16 years ago. 

 Gar did as much as he can do in the back yard for now.  He added top soil and grass seed and now we just need some rain.  I'll show you what he is doing tomorrow.

Simple dinner.

 Grilled organic chicken thighs, leftover brown rice and a salad with pears, apples and craisins.
Have to go let the girls out....
Night all.


  1. I do hope Berlin feels better soon.

  2. Hi Lori, My haflinger Carlie Jo blew out an abcess last week and when I went to bring her in this morning, she was hopping around on 3 hooves. The other front has an abcess now!! Poor thing is in agony! I think it's happening to a lot of horses right now. Even my farrier's horses are doing it. I think it's from them stomping so much to keep the doggone flies away from them! Almost can't wait for it to cool down! Which would mean summer is over. Boo! Have a great day!

  3. Hope Berlin is feeling better this morning!!!

  4. We're having soundness issues because it's gotten so dry and hard and the flies have been brutal - lot so stomping. The horses spend a lot of the day indoors.

    That DOES look like some wedding! :-D

  5. Ouch, hope Berlin is Ok. I dread the thought of another abscess after all Aero went through last year.

  6. what an abundance of beauty, cuteness and joy!


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