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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Andrew and the Dinosaur Bar B Que....

 It was chilly, Willy.  Might not even have been 50 degrees.

 I went down to Tractor Supply and Wegmans after chores, and when I got back Gary was making his first batch of sauce.  The kitchen smelled divine.
 I made two of quarts of pickled beets...
 and had a BLT Wrap for lunch.

 Several cars pulled in to buy garlic today.  

I was supposed to go to drumming, but instead spent a frustrating 2 hours plus with Roger trying to hook up a modem.  Time Warner keeps raising the price of our phone/internet/cable connection and I'm sick of it.  So, I bought my own modem and will no longer pay the $5.99 per month to "rent" there's.  What a rip!  The joke of it is, their modem stays here for the phone (no charge) and my new modem takes care of the internet.  This country is being taken to the cleaners with all this techie stuff.  Do you realize how much each household is spending on these services along with cell phone bills?  A huge chunk of everyone's budget.  It has really changed the world as we used to know it.  People's iphones have been grafted to their hands just in case they need to contact someone for the 20th time that day.  No matter where you go, people are texting.  What an obsession.  Anyway, I finally got everything working and could not have done it without Roger, the mastermind.

Chores a little after 5.

BBQ tonight at the Finks.

This is Andrew....
For the past several years he has come home from The Big Apple (where he works) to throw a party at the home of his parents.  He invites about 35 of his pals (Jenny's age group) along with the Smags and us.  We are honored to be included with all these "kids," many of whom were my students when they were in high school.

This is our friend Helen...a nationally known artist and good pal.
 Miles, on the left, has been a friend since the day he was born and you've seen and heard him on several posts with his band "Brothers from other Mothers."  Helen's husband Mel is on the right.

 So where are all the pictures of Alicia and Herb??????

 The Dinosauer Bar B Que caters the meal and it is mighty fine.

 Always a great time.
 Good night Karen!
Night all.


  1. Ah how good to stroll through your life with you in this post, Lori. Have a great Sunday. Greetings. Jo

  2. Two of my favs...pickled beets and blt wraps. Also the bbq sounds good!

  3. The BBQ looks lie it wasa huge success.

    About the techie stuff. It's really getting out of hand around here too. Some woman was actually parked across my driveway the other day and wouldn't let me pull in until she finished her call. Gave me the wait a minute finger ,she was very important . if I didn't live on such a busy road I'd have got out and let her have it! Instead I just kept blowing my horn at her. She was very annoyed when she finally pulled away. Just shook her head at me like I was the rude jerk.

  4. Nothing is quite as fruitlessly frustrating as spending an afternoon with technology stuff in my opinion. It is daunting to think how lost I would be without my phone! I think so much of the problem is clients/employers/coworkers expect to always be able to get ahold of you.


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