Thursday, August 8, 2013

Smooth Groove....

 Nothing unusual about chores this morning.  Had a burst of energy when we finished and scraped one of the walls in the grooming room so Gary can paint it for me.  Dumped three stable blankets that were over 20 years old, and have to reorganize the joint so it looks beautious for our company.

Ariana's godmother picked her up at Jenny's today so they could spend some time together.  Coop and Finn spent the afternoon with us.

 Gary finished the picket fence, got cleaned up and went down to the Welcome Center to get things set up for the concert tonight.

I did chores at 5....

 and met Sally and Judy at the Stoneyard for dinner.
 Boy, was it good.

 Gary made out like a bandit.  We took him half of a Cubano sandwich and half of a taco salad.  He did not complain.

Roger and Tina have been great supporters of the summer serenades.

 Tonight....Smooth Groove. 
and they were.....smooth.

 "Hi Barb."  (Her brother is playing the sax)

Once again, I have to say that this community is very supportive of the arts.  These Thursday night concerts are well attended and much appreciated.  All of the bands have been top shelf.

As it was drawing to a close, the rains came.
Home again, home again.
Night all.


Stephane said...

I really enjoy your writing and photos but I have to say it is interesting to see each night where the traffic feed says I'm from. Tonight it was Penrose. I've been from Akron, Yuma, Brush, and several other places in Colorado. Actually we live in Yoder.

Nancy J said...

A great evening for everyone, lovely photos. Cheers from Jean

Val Ewing said...

And I thought I was a busy woman! You knock my socks off with your activity.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Love Smooth Groove. That darn rain is back here too:) Have a nice weekend. Hug B