Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Friday, August 2, 2013

On Again Off Again

What a crazy weather day.  The sun was brilliant when I went out to the barn.

 Miss Moon had a lesson.

 On the way back to the house I picked some kale as a friend told me that she made chips and they were great.
 I cut the leaves into small pieces and tossed them with olive oil and a little Sea Salt.  Baked at 275 for a little over 20 minutes (turning at 10).  Let them cool on paper towels and they became light and me they had the taste of roasted brussel sprouts.
                                              Had some for lunch!

Around 10:30 our friend Judy stopped up for garlic.  We were catching up, when all of a sudden there was thunder and a torrential downpour.  Fortunately Lorrie and Moon got back from their lesson just before the skies opened.  When it slowed down, Gary went out and picked her a basket of goodies from the garden.
 Quite a load.

After lunch Gary and I went down to Agape.  I'm building myself back up on the elliptical.  Really need to get the lead out!!!!!  While we were there, another torrential downpour arrived and lasted for about 15 minutes...we waited until we could get to the car without getting soaked.

 Home a little before 4 and started getting things organized for dinner (Auntie Reg!  I did cook tonight).  Boneless pork chops marinated in low salt soy sauce mixed with a little Italian dressing, topped with Dijon mustard and peach preserves.  Gary grilled it to perfection.
 Had to use up some zucchini, so I made up some ke-bobs.

 The salad was coleslaw.
 Put the horses in for dinner at 5:30....
 Then we ate.
This is the grand finale for Cape Cod...road trip tomorrow.  Will post more photos when I get them.
Night all.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a nice gift from your garden that I've no doubt is appreciated and enjoyed!!

Strange weather here too, but its been nice to open the windows at night for some fresh air!

Ewa said...

Lori, your blog had progressed a lot since I was here last time :) Maybe I missed it before, or it was not present, but I must say, I like your paintings a lot. Do you still hold classes in the farm?

Val Ewing said...

What a wonderful fun day you had. So glad to see Moon coming right along!

So you can start driving her to town?
:) soon?

Wonderfully cool this morning.

Buttons Thoughts said...

I been meaning to try kale chips and I have to get on that. It has been strange weather it poured here all night haying is getting very hard. Have a nice weekend Lori. Hug B