Friday, August 16, 2013

Black Pearl and Captain Jack

 Chores with Lorrie and Emmeline, then it was time for Moon to have a lesson.

 Emmeline loved her first ride in a cart...they went back to the woods.
 Gary and I spent more time in the pasture working on the fence and cutting down weeds 
(he did most of it).

Around 4:30 Dawn and Walter arrived with our overnight guests.
The mare (Black Pearl), who is bred, and her colt from last year (Captain Jack) were as cool as cucumbers when they were put into the small pasture and run-in.  They must have been happy to be turned out after their ride from Ohio. 
8 Years ago, Dawn and Walter sold  Pearl (as a yearling) to a gentleman in Missouri.  Recently he had some physical problems and has been finding homes for his horses as he can no longer care for them.  These sweet people drove all the way from New Brunswick to pick up two of them and will provide them with an outstanding home.  Do you think Pearl will recognize the farm?

 What a pleasure it has been to meet these people and their horses.  We invited them to stay overnight.

Miss Moon thinks Captain Jack is the end all and won't leave him alone...so our 3 girls are back in their stalls for the night.
 A nice dinner.
 Night all.

Finn got a new bike for his birthday and has been riding all over the neighborhood.
Ariana was up early and left for the airport with Gary at 4:30 am for a flight to New York City, where she is spending a couple of days with family.  They are very happy to see her.
We will miss her...what a great kid.


BroomJockey said...

Okay Lori, load 'em up and bring them to my place!! My black morgans will love them!! Especially Mr. Midnight. He's always looking for a new baby mama!! They are beautiful! And Moon has excellent taste!!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Beautiful horses and staying in such a beautiful place for the night! Over 100 here today. Ugh.