Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Last Summer Serenade....

 For some reason I did not wake up until 7:20...maybe it's because it was so foggy I thought it was 6:20.

 The dogs were at the groomers from 10-2 and I did more driving today than I did all week.  Back and forth to Brockport, the bank, Wegmans blah blah blah.
Sherri did a great job with Phoebe and Gucci.  They smell so good.

 We had visitors today.  Brenda and Al brought Tootsie along and dropped off some paintings that I have to get to the gallery on Saturday.
 Loaded them up with a bucket of apples for the horses, glads and a big basket of....
 Lorie and I have been talking about making sauce in a crock pot.  She did it yesterday and I tried it today. 
 Worked out great.  We have frozen almost 30 bags.
 Gary left for the Welcome Center to set up the last concert of the season.  I did chores.

 Took a shower and went down to the Welcome Center.
 Tonight it was the "Grand Canyon Rescue Episode,"  Tom Mahoney's band.

 They have written most of the music they played....
(all are very fine musicians)

...non stop for an hour and a half and by then the sun was going down.
 Check out the guy across the canal.

Home by 8:30 and let the ponies out.
That's my report for today.  I need to start a new book.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Great garden veges, glads, and the guy across the canal?? Was he strutting in time to the music?? What a wonderful place to live, so much community entertainment going on. Cheers from Jean.

Willow said...

Always such a beautiful blog journal and a lovely fulfilling life here , so enjoy peeking in .

Jo said...

Hi Lori, Gucci and Phoebe look so good, I wish I could hug them. And I LOVED the Scottish visitor. Reminds me of our dear late Magnus who gave us 13 years of his life. It's always so good to stroll through your farm and Brockport with you, enjoying your concerts and community. Have a great weekend. Greetings, Jo

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you are so very lucky to live near all that music:) Have a nice weekend Lori. Hugs B

Val Ewing said...

Love the new shot of Moon as your header photo.
Beautifully done!

It was foggy here yesterday also. The heat is awful, but the fog made for some beautiful shots, as did the morning dew.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.