Saturday, August 17, 2013

Before and After Walnut Hill

 Out to do chores a little early this morning as Dawn and Walter wanted to get on the road by 8.
 Black Pearl and Captain Jack were sleeping in the run-in, both down and sacked out.  Stopping here was a nice break for them and they had the pasture available all night.

 They left on schedule and are now in Vermont.  I'm so glad we had a chance to meet them.
 I quickly did as much as I could in the barn...Lorrie was not here and I had to shower and be ready to go to Walnut Hill by 9.
 You can see what was going on there in the post below.

I yawned all the way home and had no energy...still have not caught up from yesterday.

Anyway, chores as usual.
 The girls have the whole place to themselves again.

 Gary picked our first glad today.  Love the color.

How about that sky?
Night all.

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Dreaming said...

I simply love 'cotton candy clouds' - so pretty!