Saturday, August 10, 2013


We had blazing sunshine in the morning and evening today.

 I went out to do chores about 7:15.
 Sometime yesterday poor Abbe must have run into a nest of some sort as her neck and belly were covered with a gazillion bites.   I gave her a peppermint wash and some benadryl.
 Gary continued to work on the grooming room.
 I mowed the two small pastures....and ended up putting the horses there as there were boards down in the big pasture.  Have a feeling Abbe rubbed herself on them because of the itching.
 I knew she would roll after the wash and I'm sure the dirt helped.

 I helped Gary finish up the stone work below the white walls.  Now it is green, instead of dusty black.  Never got back in the house until a little before 3.  It looks much better now, no more chipped red walls.  When we get up the energy, we will finish the rest.
 Just before I went out to do chores, Roger called to see if we wanted to go over to the German Fest in Spencerport for dinner.

This was our debut, as we had never been there before....the place was jumpin' and we had to wait in line to get in.  Found Roger and Tina, who had already purchased a pocket full of tickets that we needed to get our meals.

 Had to be one of the biggest tents I have ever see....jammed with hundreds of happy people, many of whom knew all the words to the songs in German.

 Bratwurst, sauerkraut and potato salad....standard fare.

When we finished eating, we went for a walk by the canal.  Spencerport is one village east of Brockport and also has docking facilities.

 Had to pull off the road so I could grab some shots on the way home.

So tired.
Night all.


Jo said...

Lori, you are all so energetic! I also love how you just know when your horses need medical attention. I hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

Val Ewing said...

What a beautiful ending to your busy day.

allhorsestuff said...

Poor Abbe!
Fantastic Job Of Remodeling And Updating.
Loved Your Event Too...Fun Fun.
Have A Lovely Sunday

Michaele said...

What a day! Looks like an early Octoberfest with all the German goings on. Poor Abbe - must have been miserable.

Dreaming said...

You sure pack a lot into your days!

Ken Mac said...

a beautiful day in the life. Bratwurst! Why the mask on your horse?

Michelle said...

Your horses just have the best of care.

Carol said...

Your property is so beautiful! Really liked the stone work and paint in the barn. Seems like a great day all around, especially the yummy food :)

Oak Creek Ranch said...

The grooming room looks great!