Monday, August 12, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Game....

 It was pretty cool early this morning, but heated up quickly.
 I shredded a little paper while Lorrie and Moon had a lesson.

 The girls did their thing in the pasture.
 At 10:30 I gathered up a box full of veggies from the garden (rhubarb, onions, leeks, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes) and drove out to Glen Darach Farm with Gucci and Phoebe.  Earlier I had spoken to Andrea (my mentor) about Abbe and am now sponging her twice a day with a vinegar/water wash.  She is also still getting Benadryl.  I have decided to put up a hot wire on the inside of our fencing as the boards are 31!!!! years old and I want more security....especially with two new horses coming in September.  Got all kinds of scoop while I was out there.
 Drove down Canal Road on the way home.  It's so peaceful.
 Gary spent the afternoon filling in the huge divots made by the falling trees...the lawn is now getting back in shape.  I was not terribly productive.

Fed the girls a little after 5.....
 Berlin had a hay net inside, but chose to eat through the window.
 There was a 30 second sprinkle,
 but then it cleared up and we went down to Clarkson to watch Ariana's softball game.
 Tonight she played first base.
 I give her so much credit for being comfortable enough to play on an adult team.

 She and Bimpa made a couple of good plays, getting people out at first.
 We are very fortunate that she likes coming to Brockport during the summer.  This year she met more people her age and playing ball was a bonus.  If she come back next summer, a job is waiting for her at Java.  We shall see, as she also wants to go to Croatia to spend time with her other grandparents.  Normally, her sister (Daniela) is here too, but she's busy back in Nevada playing soccer.

 There was a big change in the sky by 7:30.

 Let the girls back out and picked their stalls...piece of cake when they've only been in for a short time.  They really snooze while they are in.

Gary started redoing the roof on the farm wagon today.  He'll finish up tomorrow, then the garlic will go on sale. The best around...

 Night all.

 Just a reminder....Walnut Hill is starting on Wednesday and runs through Sunday.  It is the biggest driving competition in the US and only a short distance from here.  Can't resist going in for a photo shoot.  Sara, can you and Auntie Reg come up and go with me on Saturday?



Jo said...

Yum to the divine vegetables. And the healthy-looking garlic (can you tell I'm a total vegetarian, LOL!) Your grandchildren are all so sporty and follow healthy lifestyles. A real blessing in today's world when youngsters are so easily lured into unhealthy activities. Thanks for the lovely visit through your farm and village. Jo PS When will Lorrie and Moon be ready for a parade such as you have at Walnut Hill Farm?

thecrazysheeplady said...

I would LOVE to go to Walnut Hill with you. Let me think on it. I'm so sad I never took Handy. He'd have loved that show.