Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time Out

 What a beautiful thing to wake up to....

Chores.  Berlin and Abbe got the jump on chowing....
 while Moon had her morning workout in the indoor.

As per usual, we went down to the farm market around 9 something.
 I was on the hunt for peaches...only 2 bucks for 6 big juicy Early Reds.

Fillipi (used to be in my Italian class) was playing his guitar.

Last Thursday at Summer Serenades,  I caught this picture of a beautiful dog.
 Today he was at the market.  He was rescued from the pound in Rochester 4 years ago and is called Riley.  What a sweetheart.

 Some friends had their daughter's dog with them.  Guess what her name is....
Potato.  I would be calling her Sweet Potato...sometimes she is referred to as Tater Tot.
 I spent so much time jabbering, never made it to Java for breakfast.  Gary and Jen were ready to go home.

 Spent the rest of the morning mowing the lawn.
 Picked up Jenny at 2:45 and we went over to Roger and Tina's for a swim.  Perfect conditions.

 How could I resist grabbing some shots of their flowers?

Back to the farm and went out to do chores.

 Too busy relaxing to start on a big dinner, so I stole some of the sauce Gary created today.
 Made a salad....
 some pasta....
 and voila!
Gary knows what he's doin'.
Night all.


Willow said...

That header is gorgeous. I always love your photos. Beautiful flower shots !!!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Beautiful shots as usual. Riley is a handsome dog. I can hardly believe such a beauty was at the pound.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful flowers and adorable pups. Everything just says "another great day".

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh those dahlias are so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh your pictures and your videos are so delightful.

Oh those horses just go into o their stalls so perfect.So well trained.

I just an so in awe as how big horses really are. Oh gee. I would be terrified of them.

You sure are farmers alright.

Must be so nice to be not afraid of them.

Oh blessings I can be here and your horses there.

I look forward coming here to see your video's.

I feel Like I am visiting you from skype more or less.

You have sure conversation pictures.

How you get time wow! To enter all these and go places. The dogs are darling.