Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost in Stop

A major slow down today.  I won't blame you if you start yawning.
 The girls were waiting for breakfast.
 (too bad the picture was fuzzy, as the light was outstanding)
 See all those little spots on Abbe's neck?  That's were all the bug bites were...I wonder if she will return to white...the swelling is gone and so are the little black scabs.  Still don't know what she got into.  Got any ideas?

 I shredded after chores and Moon got ready for a lesson.
 I missed it, as I had an appointment for an eye exam at 10:30.  Fortunately my old eyes are in good shape and I picked up an extra pair of distance glasses.

 Did some grocery shopping at Wegmans and made a corn salad when I got home.
You don't even want to know what else we had for dinner.
 Did not do much the rest of the afternoon and went out for evening chores at 5:30.
 Siesta time is much appreciated.  Up to 80 degrees today and the flies were out late afternoon.

 It looks like the deck of the farm wagon is going to need a painting before we can start selling the garlic.  Gary must have been coming up with a color scheme.
Maybe there will be more excitement tomorrow.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

It all looks like a wonderful day to me, Gary, think on those colours while sitting in the shade, perfect spot for some gentle contemplation. Super food as ever. Moon, recover soon. Cheers from Jean

Unknown said...

I think Abbe is trying to follow the fashion Moon has set for spots.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Our daughter uses fly rugs (very lightweight) during the summer to keep the flies at bay on her pony (also a white pony...well, technically I know I should say grey, but you know what I mean). Do you grow the garlic on a massive scale I'm wondering, that wagon looks huge :)

Sharon Creech said...

I especially like that pic of Gary 'coming up with a color scheme.' :))

Gayle said...

Cherish your 80* days. Ours are long gone. Supposed to freeze in some areas of town tonight. I feel an early winter...so much to still accomplish.