Monday, August 5, 2013


 These cool mornings are very energizing. 

Lorrie and Moon had a lesson....
 Gary started a little job in Brockport, and Ariana and I went to Agape.
 By the time we got home, Evan Lusk and his assistant were here getting ready to take down the English Walnut tree in the yard off the kitchen porch.   It's huge, very old and dying.
 He climbs...does not use a lift!  Incredible to watch.

 Ka boooooom......

I don't think it took more than 3 1/2 hours to have it on the ground.
Next, was the English Walnut tree by the paddock.  It was much smaller and it was a done deal in minutes...didn't even have a chance to get pictures.
 In the middle of all this, my friend Deb stopped in with her absolutely gorgeous granddaughter.

 By now, they had started picking up all the debris.
 Evening chores were a little later than usual.

 Ariana had a softball game tonight, so I went down to take some pictures.

 She is such a good sport!

I've inserted the next two photos as they were taken by Cooper and he managed to show us action.

Hi Mom.

 Finn spent some time on the phone with Daniela (in Vegas).  So did Coop.

Got home a little after 7:30 and these hunks of wood were at the end of the driveway.  Evan cut them for a friend of ours who makes beautiful bowls.

 The sky was magical when I let the horses out for the night.

At 9 o'clock Evan and his assistant M (who I have know since she was a child!), were still working on the yard...they'll be back first thing in the morning.  Two very hard workers.
That's my story for today and I'm stickin' to it.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

A great story, felled tree, games, family pics, evening chores, what a day!!! Walnut is beautiful wood to work with, bowls, platters, and more. Greetings from Jean.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Do those spots in the yard feel naked with the trees gone? We have someone coming tomorrow to give us a bid on tree trimming.

Anonymous said...

Walnut bowls will be beautiful.
Is the rest of it going into your woodstore?

Unknown said...

I'm glad someone's using the timber from the walnut. It's a beautiful wood.

allhorsestuff said...

Ah yes, the trimming of the trees...in your case-removal!
I have to get a bid for our huge tree. sure wish I had some neat folks like your friends and to do the job!
Glad your temps have mellowed..ours are still soaring. bleh