Monday, December 29, 2008


Does it look like this where you live?  Hard to believe that this was covered with two feet of snow a couple of days ago.

The pastures still have a lot of water in them, but it is going down pretty quickly.

The back pasture is high and not so wet, so the horses left their hay in the paddock and went out to eat grass.

The corner of the biggest pasture still has a pond in it.  Hopefully the rest of it will be gone by tomorrow.

Now everytime Joe rolls I have a heart attack!  

This time he got up on his own and was trotting around.

Fabulous sky this morning.

Miss Abbe was checking things out.  

She likes to put her nose on my camera.

We had Finn and Coop come up to the Farm today...Mom was working and we wanted to give Dad a break.  Both were so much fun and very cooperative.

They found Gary's Yoga mat and messed around on it for at least half an hour.

Finn is 5 and goes to kindergarten.  I swear, he knows as much as most adults about football...teams, players, scores, name it.  He is an avid fan and was very disappointed that the Jets lost yesterday.

Coop is 3... never bored and can occupy himself for hours.

Ice loves to come to the Farm so he can get in some big run time.  Gary and Finn took him down the lane for a long walk while Coop stayed in the house with me.

I went out a little early to do evening chores so I could fill up the water trough (while the hose was defrosted) and pick the pastures (so the manure would not freeze again).  The sky was dramatic ....what can I say?

It was pretty dark by the time I went back to the house.  This photo of the paddock is pretty unusual in the light department.

Here I am on the outside looking in through the kitchen window.

I read "The White House" blog today...last night the temperature (in Fairbanks, Alaska) was -36.
Today we just about made the mid 40s....quite a difference.  I don't know about you, but with me, by the time I finish dinner I feel very sleepy.  It's only 7:24 and it would not bother me to crawl into bed.  

PS - if you want to see a lot of Skoog Farm stuff, click on the Skoog Farm Picasa Album link.  I am in the process of updating.  I want Ewa in Warsaw to look at my photographs of flowers.  (I know, I know....I am out of control).


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like you grabbed the brass ring on the merry-go-round for these great photos.

photogchic said...

Beautiful sunrise...lots of fun pics today. Is "Coop" short for "Cooper?"

Spartacus Jones said...


I really like that one of the windmill.


DayPhoto said...

WE are still having snow and close to zero weather. It warm up around noon to melt some, then starts zipping back down so we walk, drive and live on ice.



Lisa & Gerald said...

Yep here in Canada we see green grass too! We had lots of snow too and now its gone! lol
Do you guys have lots of wind too? It's been so windy here! I feel Im going to blow away!

Unknown said...

You live in a beautiful place.
I would not have thought the horses leave their hay to go eating the grass. I suppose they have eaten the hay when they came back.

See you soon.