“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday I wrote under the photos instead of doing individual posts....much easier and more like telling a story....so here it goes for today!

This little piece of holly was on the trifle dessert that was served on Tuesday at our class luncheon.  I really need a holly bush.

This morning while I was cleaning the stalls, Pony and Joe kept hanging around to see if they could get some extra goodies.

Since Shenna was put down, Joe and Pony are the new item.  He is 31 and she is 28.  The biggest and the smallest.

This afternoon I got a call from my friend Andrea.  She is going to stop by tonight to pick up my cart.  Do you see the back of the barn on the hill?  That is where it has been stored...
I have to pull it down by the house.

I got it through the pasture....

Then through the gate...

and had to drag it down the lane to the driveway.  It will be dark when they get here, so I had to get it closer to the house in order to load it on the back of their truck (with some light).  I love this cart, but it is a little too big for Abbe.  She will go to Andrea for training in April, and if it all works out, I will have to find another cart that is Cob size.

At 2pm the chorus sang at a Vet's Home in Batavia.  The audience was great and we actually did a pretty good job with some of our songs.

After we perform, we hand out song sheets and they sing carols with us.  I usually bring some bells for songs like "Rudolph" and "Frosty."  Believe me, it is a very humbling experience to be in a place like this.  Most of the people were in wheelchairs and some could not even sit up....yet you could see how much they loved the music...some sang with us.

You guessed it!  No time to make a real dinner, so a quick salad with oranges, grapes and bananas on romaine with a little crumbly blue....

...and leftovers from last night.  Still tasted good!

When I got cleaned up to go sing, Phoebe went in the shower with me.  She needed to get all fluffed up for her Therapy Dog visit tomorrow.  A shower is definately the best way for her to get a shampoo....much easier to rinse her off...

Tomorrow, some good friends are coming up from Pennsylvania with their dog Fred, so she has to look as adorable as possible for him.


  1. I like your new format. It has a wonderful continuity. I must say that I like your old one as well. As you lie it. You send 'em, we'll catch 'em! And, San is right. You make Skoog Farm sound like paradise!

  2. Slow down and linger....goodness I wonder what speed is for you! I like your cart that was a fun trip down your road. It helps all of us 'see' where you live and how you live.


  3. I love your new format! Your days are so full and I enjoy being taken on the ride... :-)

    Greetings from Niger,

  4. Lori, I know a certain family that has a horse with you that would have loved to get that cart out for you. While we are not experts on horse care yet, PLEASE let us help you with the stuff that you don't need to do and/or is a physical struggle. Actually in a way it's kind of humorous. A great pic would have been the 7 horses at the fence watching the human pull a cart through the snow. Can you imagine the fun captions? "Don't bet on that one, or who needs a crop now?" :-)

  5. Congratulations on the well deserved award. I like the new format too.

    Tina has put a comment on my blog. I'd like to answer her, does she have a blog as well?

  6. Beautiful cart. It might not be easy to pull it in the snow.
    Phoebe is nice to accept to have a shower.
    Long ago, my parents had an Alsacian female dog. She hated showers. Once, she had escaped from the bathroom and was running across the house. She was covered with shampoo and my father was running after her... I had laughed much though my father thought it was not laughable at all.


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