Wednesday, December 31, 2008


When I looked out the window this morning...what did I see but more snow.  It is back big time.
There were drifts over a foot deep in the middle of the driveway!  Once again, we had to shovel a path to get back to the barn, and another out to the road so we could set out our garbage container for pick up.  What a thrill!

It took me forever to get back into the house, as there was a lot of snow to move on top of cleaning the stalls.  By 11am, where we shoveled was filled in with 3 more inches of white stuff.

The smarties know enough to eat under the shed roof.

Today I opened up the indoor so they could get out of the wind....did any of them go in????

Gary spent part of the afternoon splitting wood and stacking it out behind the kitchen.

Miss Phoebe Bluegrass ventured out with me late afternoon.

She was greeted by Miss Blueberry Chocolate Pie (Lilly May).  Within 10 minutes they were both shaking and had to go in.  With the wind chill, it was near 0.

Now that I am in the house, I can take a nice hot shower and get ready for our friends who are coming over for a special dinner.  Grilled Strip Steaks, Pilaf, Marinated Asparagus, Tossed Salad, Toasted Wheat Rolls and Pie for Dessert.  Sounds good to me.  

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  May it be a healthy one for you, your family and all your 4 footed buddies.  Thanks for adding such richness to my life with your words and photographs.  I have never traveled so much...and the price was right!  There are so many great people in this world...don't you wonder why we, in particular, have connected?


CoyoteFe said...

It's the light! It's the light within us! Bahaha!

Happy New Year to you as well!

Gayle said...

You are right, I don't believe it! The ups and downs of your weather would drive me over-the-edge! It may be -40 to -50 here, but at least I know what to expect when I get up in the morning (and for the next two weeks!). Although a pile of wet snow at 0 degrees would be a welcomed relief to what we are experiencing. Happy New Year to you and your family. I'm so glad I am getting to know you!