Tuesday, December 30, 2008


These photos show you what the horses do when they are not hanging around in the winter. The grey horse above Berlin is her Dam....Marieke (who I lost to colic many years ago).  The young lady riding Pony is Ariana (our grandaughter who is now 10).  Jenny is on Target and I am trail riding on Berlin.  A couple of years ago when Joe was working he was a great driving horse (now at 31, he is pretty much retired). One of PC's front knees has blown up from arthritis and he has been retired for years (he will be 30 this spring).  Yet, my golden oldies are happy and healthy.  Now, Abbe is not part of that age group....she is a youngster at 10.



allhorsestuff said...

Thanks so much for vivsiting me today...I popped right over here to you to find....BEAUTY!! I actually stared at the "header picture" for some time. You are very talented and share in such a nice way. I makes me want to clean up my act at my blog space.
I love so many things that I feel I have to have them around (Pictures in this case)...hense my cluttery my blog space!

I would LOVE to follow your blog, but I have found that the invite is not always present to click on..I will link to you,only if that is alright?
I left an answer to your question in the comments after yours. Plus...Check out SEPT 15th "New Digs for the horsefaces" arcive. It shows,in video, the new stalls.
It even looks diff from that too..I had them divde the pasture and I put Pea Gravel down for 30 feet in front of each stall..made a huge diff for the snow and ice!
Be back soon!

Kenney's said...

Awesome pics and great timeline. It's amazing how we bookmark points in our lives through the lives of our horses. Work was a real drag today and all the angry sour people laughed at a meeting when I said under my breath "and to think I could be gladly at the Skoog Farm pitching manure rather than taking it." Apparently I did not say it as quietly as I thought. My boss heard it and fell out of her chair laughing. Whew, employed for another week.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Just a bunch of great photos and memories.

Gayle said...

That is a great collection of photos.