Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night we went out to dinner followed by a concert and on the way home it was 8 degrees.  This morning it was still VERY cold (but not windy)...it warmed up to a balmy 25 and may hit 50 in two days.  Spastic weather...my legs are chapped already!!!  In the morning I am out for about 2 1/2 hours and in the evening only 1/2 hour (as I set up hay etc. in the morning...water is the very last thing we do at night).


  1. Brrr..no snow in Oregon yet..but this weekend we may get some. I am hoping the weather guys are wrong.

  2. I love your world, Lori! Whether it's cold or dark, you always find the cheerfulness about it and your love for life and the things around you always come through. Thanks for sharing and for brightening up our world!

    Warm greetings from Niger,

  3. 8 degrees? And I think 29 is roughing it! And you are out and about quite a lot in it. I live vicariously through you and your lovely farm, though I am betting farm life isn't always so charming...! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures as always. We're cold too, can't wait until it warms up again. All the barn chores seem to go slower when it's cold, or maybe it just seems like that. Stay warm.

  5. I have opened my converter Farenheit Celsius to be sure of what I thought : it's really cold at you. 8°F
    Here it happens once or twice a year during the night. So we have to protect the plants for they may die in one night.
    Now, it's raining. It's not cold.
    See you soon


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