Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Around Here You Have To Keep Your Umbrella Handy

More rain, no lawn mowing and wet horses.
 After chores I moved the furniture around in the living room for a change. 
My drums are starting to take up a lot of space.

 It was pouring when I went out to the Studio for class.  Had to turn the heat on for awhile as it was chilly.

 Donna is making a book...a portfolio of sorts.  She made mini prints of past projects and is putting them together in this format.  I would love to have all of my students do this.

 Went out to lunch with Barb at Barber's.
Got home after 2.

Decided to have a picnic dinner and made potato salad.

 Gary picked another basket of spinach and there is still a lot more out there.
 Chores at 7:15 and we there was finally a little sunshine.
 Tucked in the girls....
 and went in for grilled hots.
Night all.


  1. Do you know what took my eye???The stencils on your T-Shirt... Well done, and I wish you all the very best. Lovely folio cover, a superb idea, and pity about more rain.

  2. Great horse pencil drawing! I wish I were nearer so you could teach me to draw! I like the folio idea too!

  3. Rained here too. Love the pups lounging around. Looks like my house. Great pictures from the students.


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