Thursday, June 4, 2015

Unheard Of....

Last night I had to get off the couch to take a shot of the strawberry moon through the kitchen window.  It was a beauty, but I did not have the energy to get out my bigger camera.

 This morning the sun was doin' it's thing, beaming through the north windows in the kitchen, making these leaves glow.  There is a story behind this Fiddle Leaf Fig plant.  Around 1997 a good friend passed away and eventually her husband let her friends take the house plants.  One that I chose, was the fig tree and it was almost 8 feet high.  I decided to put it in my class room at the high school and would bring it home during the summer.  (We needed to use the truck we had at the time).  In 1999 I retired and the fig tree was thinking about it.  I cut it back so it would fit in the house and eventually started a new one (from a cutting).  The original plant pooped out and all these years later, this is how much the cutting has grown...slow but sure.  Kathy must have had the original for well over 10 years, so this baby has roots back to the 80s.

 Time to perk up the flower gardens.
 The grass has not filled in where they put in the new septic tank, but it's improving...and if Gary gets some paint, I'll start painting the picket fence.
 The usual out in the barn.

 Abbe's flexor tendon (hind right) has been bothering her for over a week.  Today I put a poultice on her.  This happens off an on and keeps her from being ridden but does not stop her from messing around in the pasture.

 Around 9:30 Gary delivered a big load of mulch from Sara's (where he works).

 That will keep him busy for a long time.
 Around 4pm I was feeling very sleepy and decided to take a nap.  It last for 3 hours!  That is a first for me.  Must have been out like a light.
Chores at 7:30.

 Tucked the girls in and headed back to the house by 8.
The clematis blossoms are coming out in force.  Last year they never stopped until late fall.

 While I was in the barn, Gary got this much done in the back yard.  What an improvement.
 Phoebe and Gucci had peas with their dinner tonight.
 We had leftovers.
Night all.
This was post 5009!  I had great plans for announcing my 5000th and forgot.


Val Ewing said...

Wow you guys have been busy! I've been fencing until late in the evening. My poor yard this year may suffer quite a bit.
I am hoping to get some plants from somewhere and brighten up some of my gardens! So much to do!
Congrats on your 5,009 post!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your posts! We've been working on the gardens too. It takes a lot of work but it's worth it. Your flowers are gorgeous and the fig is really something.