Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ahhhhhh, My Kind of Weather...

 After all that cold and rain, I really appreciated waking up to some sunshine.
 Fed the girls, turned them out and cleaned the stalls.  I'm sure they were much happier today.  It was only 42 degrees when I went out to the barn, but the sun heated things up quickly.  High 60s.  Perfect.

Made a quick run to Wegmans and spent a lot of time working on another project.
There will be a Global Mural Conference in this area in 2016 and I've been asked to bring back my 
Art Walks On Water movement which started 10 years ago.
This is how it began, and I had the opportunity to speak at several 
Canal Conferences about my vision.
At the same time, Mark DeCracker, from Lyons, NY,  started a movement called "Mural Mania" which has brought murals to Canal towns.  We ended up making a few road trips to spread our ideas and now he has managed to get this global conference in the United States.
If you want more information about Art Walks On Water, you can visit:


Keep in mind, this was 10 years ago.....(I still have the same haircut).

Around 3 I decided to mow the lawn

and the outside of the pastures.  I like to have a nice path around our property.
Finished up about 5:30.
 Gary planted more onions (still not done yet...we will have hundreds) then grilled some boneless pork chops for our dinner.
 Mac salad and
 more spinach and strawberries from our garden.

 By tomorrow, these peonies should be in full bloom...more sun on the way.

 Chores at 7:30.

 Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Art Walks On Water is a wonderful idea. I wish you a lots of luck with it.