Friday, June 12, 2015

Bug Bites or Hives?

When I got to the barn this morning, Berlin had a whole bunch of raised, hivish looking spots on her left barrel.  After all the problems we had with hives a couple years ago I was very concerned.
As they were just on one side I crossed my fingers and gave her some Benedryl.
 The weather was nuts today.  Coolish, warmish, muggy, pouring.
 I ran a couple errands and spent the rest of the day 
doing paper work for our campaign.

Gary got home earlier than usual and was kind enough to work on the garden in front of our sign.
 At that time the humidity was terrible, but
 he finished the job.

 It started to pour just before dinner.
Gary grilled out some organic, boneless chicken thighs that I had been marinating....
I made a nice spinach salad
 and some white pasta.
 Easy and delish.
 Chores a little earlier than usual.  The girls were happy to get out of the rain.
 The bumps on Berlin's barrel were down, but not gone....and no new ones were on any other part of her body.  Hopefully they will disappear.  She must have gotten into some bugs.

 Just when I got back to the house Jen and Coop stopped in.
We had a short visit and they were off and running.
Tomorrow I must start working on the upstairs.  The Vegas delegation is coming to town.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

I know we had a mule that would get bumps like that from bugs. Never really understood how one could and maybe others wouldn't.
I love the sign.
I don't mind humid as long as I can take lots of water breaks, but the sign looks very awesome!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

That chicken looks good. I hope the hives disappear -- I remember all that you went through last time. It must be summer if the Vegas contingent are on their way!

Nancy J said...

Lovely sign, and the hanging basket on a pole, or is it made like that? a great way to grow the polyanthus.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hope those hives go away. I get them when I walk in wet grass or the landscapers put some junk in the dirt
Edward (& Lily)

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I've seen my mare get hive like bumps and I think it was from rubbing against bull nettle. Once I think she rolled in a fire ant pile. You just never know.