Monday, June 15, 2015

Time Out

It was muggy
It was buggy

Bought grain
Had more rain

Finished cleaning
Netflix streaming

No good pix
Posting nix

Here I am
By the fan

No more words
For the birds

Night all


Val Ewing said...

Oh no, what a day. But everyone needs a rainy muggy day to rest and relax.
Tonight I'll read a good book.
And sleep in tomorrow morning!

Nancy J said...

What a day, lots to say, not a pic, not even sick, rain galore, not wanting more, let sunshine show, for a good day tomorrow!!!

Buttons Thoughts said...

HUGS we have all been there.... not you but all of us. Hope you had a nice rest. HUG B

Grey Horse Matters said...

A poet
And don't know it!

Rained all day here too.

Michelle said...

Sounds like my day!