Sunday, June 28, 2015

All Together Now...

 A very damp and cool morning. 
 Spritzing off and on.  No masks today.

 After chores I took a shower and ran a few errands in Brockport.  First I went to Tractor Supply for some shavings...then I hit the farm market.  It was still ugly out there and not too many people were venturing out.

 Next stop was The Lady J.

 I wanted to touch base with Jana and Mike before they left Brockport.

 Mike was on his computer and Jana was making cookies.

 I got a short tour of the boat and grabbed a few shots.

 There was a photo on the wall of our other boating friends (Sandy and Jeff) with Mike and Jana.  Now we will all keep in touch with each other.

 Just think about what it is like to live on a boat (this is a trawler).
They decided to leave tomorrow since the weather was so crummy.
Stopped at Jenny's to pick up Ariana and Daniela.
Have you ever seen such a big pile of shoes?

 Not done yet....went to Wegmans before going home.

At 1:30 Stephanie arrived.
 She had just been to a friend's wedding in the Thousand Islands and was stopping here for a couple of days on her way back to Las Vegas.  It's very rare to have her and the kids here at the same time.
 Several of her friends from High School were there and they had a great time.

It was so damp and cold we actually had a fire going most of the afternoon.
 Homemade pizza for dinner.
 I gave a friend some rhubarb yesterday, and today she brought up a strawberry rhubarb pie.
 Daniela made a red velvet cake and Ariana made some brownies.
 While we were waiting for Jenny, Finn, Coop and Scott to arrive, Daniela and Steph went on a bike ride.  Of course it started to rain within 5 minutes.

 Made a quick salad
 and we all sat down for dinner.

 We celebrated the birthdays of Daniela, Ariana, Finn, Coop, Jenny and Scott.


 Everything was delicious.
 After dessert, Daniela, Jenny and Finn played Sequence.
 I went out to do chores.

 The girls were ready to get tucked in.

Right now it is in the mid 50s.  Would not surprise me if it dips to the high 40s.
I'm pooped.
Night all.


JanaLeigh said...

Just love reading your blog and so grateful that you and Gary are now part of our lives.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Are you furry kids helping in the yard? Now send us that pizza crust!
Lily & Edward