Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Serenades Part One


 After morning chores I decided to mow the two small grass paddocks.
Perfect growing conditions.

 Gary spent much of the afternoon weeding one of the veggie gardens, and can't believe he planted so many onions....over 300.
 Karen stopped in after work to ride Angel.  It's been a long time since the ring was decent enough for riding.  Yep, that new drag is working beautifully.

 Did a few things around the house and tucked the girls in a little early...

 so Daniela and I could get down to the Welcome Center in time for the season opener.

 Julie Dunlap (a local girl who has done very well with her band) and High Maintenance
always put on a good show.

 There was a nice crowd...very receptive.
Annie and I were there schmoozing with our t-shirts on.
 I think I posted a video of this couple dancing last year....sweet.

 Dan Hawkins was on duty at the Center.
 Karen and Jenny were there, along with several of their friends.

 You've seen them all before as they are part of the regulars.

 The Greater Brockport Development Corporation has done a great job providing quality entertainment for our community.  Between a grant and some very generous patrons, there will be 10 Thursday programs and 4 on Sundays in July....no charge to the public.
 The boats are starting to show up at the Welcome Center 
with Canal travelers from around the world.

 Thank you Scott for taking pictures of Annie and me for our FaceBook page.
 There are Marina and Chet.  They are frequently in the audience and she knew the words to most of the songs!

 As you can see, the weather was a little cool.

 Daniela (our youngest granddaughter) is game for anything, and was happy to join us.
She knew all the songs too.
Her sister, Ariana, will be coming to the farm tomorrow.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Night all.

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