Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Day Ended on a Sour Note....

It started off beautifully.
 Sunny, but cold and windy.

 Went to Brockport for a 9:15 appointment with the Massage Therapist
 and by 10:15 I was at Tina's so she, her neighbor Carol, and I could go into Rochester for an adventure.
DJ greeted me.
 I have never seen him look less than show ready.

 They have a cat that looks exactly like Seymour.

 We arrived at Genesee Valley Park a little before 11....
 to participate in National Learn to Row Day.
 This was not the same kind of rowing I had done on Chautauqua Lake, where I grew up.


 6 of us were from Brockport.  Our village would love to start a rowing club so we went in to see what it was like.
 Decided to take advantage of being in Rochester and looked for a restaurant in a newly developed area called "College Town."  I had never been there, and was very impressed.
 We decided to try out "The Corner Bakery."

 Quick service, nice place, food was not what I expected.
 Home in time to get ready for a 4pm meeting.  So what are all these meetings about?
I'm running for Town Board with Annie Crane and Mary Rich.
The announcement finally came out in the local newspaper.
We met at Mary's house
 and were tortured by the smell of the bread her husband was making.
Fortunately we were given a sample.  He knows what he is doing!!!!
 This morning my Doctor called and said I needed another antibiotic perscription since it has been taking so long for my puncture wound to heal (it kept draining).  Like a good girl, I picked it up and took a dose on my way to Mary's.  By the time we were ready to leave (5ish) I did not feel right.  Itchy, red faced and getting a rash.  Called the Doctor (emergency number) and I must be allergic to the Sulphur in the antibiotic!  Great.  We were going to make our debut as a team of candidates at a BBQ being held at the Morgan Manning House.

 Instead of schmoozing, (Gary came down to see if I needed help and picked up the chicken dinners) we went to Wegmans, as I needed a different perscription (10 minutes before they closed) and immediately took some Benadryl.  By the time I got back to the farm, much of my body was covered with a rash and I sure did not feel right.
Fortunately it has disappeared and I am feeling more comfortable now.

Changed my clothes and started feeling drowzy when I realized it was time for the Belmont. Did not want to miss the third leg of the Triple Crown.  I am always very grateful when the horses and riders make it without any injuries.
On the other hand, I question racing horses at such a young age.
 A long and full day.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Forget the horses, are you ok?
I hope so...

Val Ewing said...

PS~ When I was a kid we had a cat named Seymour...he looked exactly like these cats!

Dreaming said...

Oh my... what a day for you, with ups and downs. Love the rowing. We watched college teams practice on Lake Lure years ago. One scull tipped at the dock - the water was really cold, but the girls had to get back in and row. Brrrr!
I know where my votes would go! You rock!

Nancy J said...

Hope the reaction has gone, you are OK, and Seymour's twin, what a gorgeous pair they are.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I am allergic to sulfa drugs -- same rash you described. Glad you figured it out.

Birdman said...

Not surprised AP took all three after seeing him romp(slop) his way in the Preakness. I figured you'd be glues to the TV @6:50ish.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope you are feeling better. If I lived near you, you would definitely get my vote.